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"I want with every single fiber of my being to be one of those self-assured, confident, bold women of God who knows exactly who she is, and walks in the freedom of knowing how loved she is, and how precious she is, how validated she is." – Mandy Hale

Those may not be my exact words, but those words describe me to a tee.  I want to be that woman, but I am not.  However, I am on my way to becoming her.  Step by step.  Day by day. For me, the beginning of this journey to becoming a bold and confident woman of God started with one encounter from one of the women of loveSTRONG Ministries.  You see, I moved to Arizona from Illinois in the summer of 2016 after feeling a sharp and distinct kick in the butt from up above.  God had pulled me away from my home and guided me to the west valley of Phoenix where I was led straight to this ministry and into the arms of the women who lead it.  I had a whole life and future planned in Illinois.  I had great friends, a great job with opportunities to grow, and the potential for a relationship with a great guy.  But God had MORE in store for me.  And as I continue to pray for God to reveal His plan for me (in His time, never in mine), I am blessed and honored to say I have the opportunity to be a part of loveSTRONG Ministries.  As a single woman, I have struggled tremendously with finding my identity in this world.  This ministry has graciously shown me that my true identity is only rooted in our Heavenly Father – the source of all creation.

I am a Registered Nurse of almost ten years, a daughter to two amazing parents, a sister to one brother, a sister-in-law, an aunt to a beautiful niece and nephew, and a friend to many.  I am embracing this current single season of my life, and I rest in the fact the God can do abundantly more with my life that I can do myself.