Board Member

Growing up, I did not have a 'typical’ religious background. I married young, to the boy who lived 5 houses away, and we raised our 2 children in heart of the Columbia Basin in Washington State. Still married 34 years later, we have a son who travels the world helping others, a daughter who is becoming a nurse and recently married (making us instant grandparents!), living in Arizona and finding a new life with God as our focus.

People that know me well know my life has been rather tumultuous. Despite that, I’ve always had a goal to help others find their way to health and happiness. Personally and professionally I’ve found myself mostly in service oriented positions; whether it be taking care of family members, helping run our businesses, assisting in the education & government fields, and now as Treasurer and Board Member of loveSTRONG ministries.

In addition to getting more involved with our church, something about loveSTRONG kept drawing me in. I attended a couple of Spring events and finally decided to attend the 2015 Stand Strong, Love Strong Fall Retreat. I knew I needed to get some business straight with God – for myself this time. When the retreat leaders called for women who wanted to be Baptized, I suddenly knew why I was there! A year after taking the plunge, my goals have been adjusted a bit…to help myself, along with other women, find health and happiness through the Grace and Mercy of God!