Board Member

I am a recovering hurried life addict; living life always on the go, constantly taking care of others over myself, and even running from God.  Due to many life roles, I thought this was an ordinary rule of life.  But God knew me and continually pursued me.  Forever present - even in the shadows, hovering, waiting to emerge like a protective parent.

An unexpected life crisis forced me to stop running.  Two of my children were suffering from a chronic illness at the same time.  Feeling weathered, I cried out from the abyss of agony and God responded, "be still and know me."  I finally listened!  Stillness has become a life mantra.  Daily I follow Jesus’ example of rhythm in work and rest while intentionally listening for God.

Because of this new-found discernment, I responded to God's call to become a stillness leader.  I founded STILLness Ministries - a soul renewal ministry focusing on creating safe and unhurried spaces for people to discover, recover or deepen a relationship with God.  Forming a God inspired soul-shepherding ministry came easily especially when incorporating over 25 years of knowledge, value, and skill in social work and counseling.  Throughout this long serving history, I have gained unique access to the hearts of women.  I’m continually fascinated in how God moves in our shared time together and illuminates how our individual stories intersect and embody Christ’s redemptive story.

I look forward to bringing all of this and more to the loveSTRONG ministries team.