Board Member

Since a young girl, I’ve had an interest in the emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of others. While expounding upon that awareness and following Christ, I’ve grown a ministry of sacred friendship and listening in a variety of capacities.  From the rough streets to boardrooms, non-profit organizations to Beverly Hills suites; I’ve served as an advisor, counselor, mentor, minister, social worker, and spiritual director for over 28 years.  But not without a cost - because chaos, loss, tragedy, and trauma happen to all of us, right?

As a recovering hurried life addict, I finally crashed.  After experiencing a series of life traumas and losses, I was compelled to slow down and be still.  Always living life on the go while continually taking care of others over myself had finally caught up with me.  Weary and burdened, I sought refuge and rest before the Lord (Matt. 11:28) and in sistership with loveSTRONG Ministries five years ago.

One thing I learned in caregiving and ministry, is that one of the first things to suffer is self-care. The experience of fatigue can take a toll on mind, body, spirit, and soul.  To be effective in caring for and shepherding others, one must also lead in the caring of self, as well as others before the Lord.  The two go hand in hand.

As a board member of loveSTRONG Ministries and other people minded ministries, I actively use my God-Given gifts to connect, inspire, and develop women through teaching, exhortation, and sacred companionship.  Leading by example, I also spearhead the leaders to listen to God as they influence and promote the women we serve in spiritual formation and approaches to self-care.  It is a blessing to witness growth and healing as women discover, recover, or deepen their relationship with God and self.