Stephanie Hendrick


Board Member

My favorite verse in this season of life has become Proverbs 16:9 which says "In their hearts humans plan their course, but the Lord establishes their steps." I could not have predicted He would lead me to the Board of loveSTRONG ministries, but I cannot say I'm surprised either. In 2018, I felt God's nudge to transition out of a business I had built with my husband (handing him the reins completely) and to create something new-- something for women seeking more. It quickly turned into my first published book.
I'm a mom to two strong-willed little girls, a wife & the founder of Meant for More. My company is a platform designed for female- and mom-entrepreneurs chasing purpose and business-savvy guidance to create an impact in the world. Though, as Proverbs 16:9 reminds us, I am building a career I had always dreamed of (as a published Author & Motivational Speaker), He has begun to show me where His plan and path comes into play. loveSTRONG was one such path that I was supposed to take to begin to intertwine His plan with the course I had set out on.
The release of my debut book, Meant for More, can be followed by heading to