Led by Kelly Kruse – Our minds are always thinking. We are hearing stories, information, words, and seeing events, expressions, sunsets and movies! What we choose to think on matters. It matters so much the Lord continually urges us to take our thoughts captive. His word reminds us that transformation, renewal and peace begins with what we think. We will discover what you are thinking and talk about not believing the worldly lies.  It takes intentional effort to change our minds, take our thoughts captive and look for God’s promises.


Led by Stephanie Hendrick – Uncovering God’s Purpose for your Life: one of God’s greatest gifts to humankind is the hidden purpose woven into each of us. Discovering the true intent of our own life is a journey of growth- spiritually, physically, and emotionally- and is often a journey that most people never pursue. In a world of conformity, many women settle for the path already paved for them. What if God’s greatest desire was for you to question why he designed you the way he did? What if the pursuit of purpose and the complexity of then living life with purpose left a legacy you could’ve never otherwise imagined? Uncover the purpose for your own life and remove the barriers – including the fear to begin this work – that will attempt to keep you from carving that path you’re meant to create.


Led by Stefanie Calens – It’s often a challenge as women to discover a safe space to sit. This breakout session is that safe place. It is a discussion group where no topics are off limits. No matter where you are in your walk with Jesus, it’s comforting to know, you aren’t alone.


Led by Elizabeth Bedoya & Diana Doucette – I love my mother and I love my daughters……but there are days that they all DRIVE ME CRAZY!  Can you relate? If you are a mother, a daughter or both the answer is probably “Yes!” This is one of those relationships that we are kind of stuck with for most of our lives. Unlike friendships or other relationships that come and go, the mother/daughter relationship is one we are in for the long haul, even if it’s bad, it’s still going to be there and effecting you. In this session my mom and I will try to share some practical and Biblical thoughts on how to deal with that woman (even if she is a miniature one) who is driving you crazy.


Led by Melba Nagler – How do you define prayer? What part do faith and trust play in prayer? Are you happy with your prayer life? Do you wonder if you are doing it right–right words, right way or format, right posture, right time? Is there a model to follow? Do you wonder why you don’t get answers?

Come with your questions.  Let’s see what we can discover together.


Led by Huni McGee – Set down the expectations of others, give up the excuses and start being the woman you’re called to be. We take that “thing” that we THINK makes us who we are and we change our whole world to fit around and into it. Don’t let fear, anxiety, stress and worry keep you from being BOLD enough and BRAVE enough to pursue your calling.

Who will you become?