My dearest child, There is not a second that passes where I do not gaze endlessly in awe upon you. I watch, I wait, and I yearn to be a part of everything you do.

I know the exact number of hairs that lay within your head. I have sent my only Son to die for you. And I have promised that through Him, you shall never remain with the dead.

Why do you doubt? Why do question? Can you not see……that ONLY through Him is where you will truly find me!

The riches that I offer are worth more than all of the world’s gold. My Scriptures remind you of the prophecies written and told; those already fulfilled, and those still yet, to fully unfold.

My love for you is too vast to comprehend, but never forget I am with you always, and through me, there will be no end.

Your life is priceless, your debt has been paid. You have been formed by a process through which only my eyes have laid. All that I ask is through all that you do, you do it to accomplish one glorify me as my angels will sing.

I am bigger than anything this world can send your way. I look forward to the hour your face is before mine. Make no mistake, your soul will be forever changed on that glorious day.

I created you for a purpose, no two are the same. Not a single person can take credit for this, mine is the only One True name.

I will fight for you, you only need to remain still. My plans for you are to prosper. Remember, it is in my complete will.

I am your shepherd, you are my sheep. I do not promise a life free from trials, but rest assured, with you I do weep.

Through my prophets, and by your King, I have given to you a very special gift…a royal ring. Wear it with confidence and praise, as when my Son returns, I have guaranteed the end of the days.

Nothing can separate this love that I bear, do not keep this for your own, I desire you to please, make it a point to share.

I am your Father now and for always. My dearest child how I love you so. Remember, I am with you, wherever you may go!

Stefanie Calens