Thank you for 12 AMAZING years!


It would almost be an understatement to say, these last few years have been full of unprecedented challenges and obstacles, for literally, EVERYONE. Throughout it, loveSTRONG Ministries was blessed with the ability to offer love, support, prayer, and connection through a time that isolation, distance, and disconnection were becoming the norm. We are so grateful we were able to navigate some of the most uncertain times with you all, what an honor we will forever be humbled by.

As you can imagine, a small non-profit organization like loveSTRONG was not impervious to the impacts of the last few years. God continued to make a way for us, and we persevered through a season that seemed impossible at times, only by His will. When we would question whether we were supposed to continue on, He forged a path, and we followed. Seeing Him do His work through the vessel of this ministry was awe inspiring and nothing short of a miracle.

With that said, over the last several months it has become clear to our team that God’s season for this ministry has come to a close. We deliver this news with a myriad of emotions, and we expect you will receive it with such as well. Please know this decision was made after months of prayer, many discussions, and most importantly a desire to follow Gods plan. It is human to feel sadness when something ends, but we also feel peace, understanding, and SO MUCH gratitude. For 12 years, loveSTRONG did some amazing things in God’s name, and we are thankful for and proud of what this ministry accomplished during that time.

The loveSTRONG team has grown and learned so much by having the incredible opportunity to serve this ministry base, and we will hold you all in our hearts for years to come. We pray the feeling is mutual for you all, and that you continue to hold the connections, messages and inspirations you gained from this ministry in your hearts and minds. We pray the seeds continue to be watered, that roots continue to take shape, and that your relationship with the Lord flourishes.

Keep shining your lights and loving strongly.

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