Yo! I’m Right Here.

READ Luke 24:13-35

This scripture takes place right after the death and resurrection of Jesus.  It is the telling of two men, heading home from Jerusalem, going to Emmaus.  They are walking and talking about all the events that had occurred in the last week. This would have been the time of the celebration of Passover, but with the recent events (crucifixion and death of Jesus) these men are downcast as they walk home.

Then, a third man comes up alongside them, and walks with them on their journey home.  This man is Jesus, but as it states in verse 17 “…They stood still, their faces downcast.”  They didn’t look up.  They continued on their walk rehashing all the events of the last week, explaining TO Jesus what happened, TO Jesus.  Can you imagine?  Jesus walking up along side these two men, who are clueless that they are informing this “stranger” of the actual events that JESUS  (who is walking along side them) LIVED THROUGH.

Jesus had to have been like “Yo, I am right here…if you would only look up.”

So these two men continue to walk and talk for the next 7 miles.  (verses 19-24)  Finally in verse 27, Jesus gets a word in edge wise.  “And beginning with Moses and all the prophets, he explained to them what was said in all the scriptures concerning himself.”

When they reached Emmaus, Jesus proceeded as if he were going on farther, but these two men asked him to stay.  He was invited into their home where Jesus, in verse 30, “took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them.”  Then what happens next is the very magic of this whole story.  In verse 31 it says, “THEIR EYES WERE OPENED.”  Yes, they finally, after all this time, an entire afternoon of being in the actual presence of Jesus Christ did they finally realize and see who was before them.

How many times in our lives does this happen to us?  I know it happens to me, a lot. I get so set in my ways, looking down and looking back that I forget to look up and see Jesus is walking on this path right along side me.  And most of the time, I do all the talking! I love to tell Jesus all the things, all the details, all the drama and rehash everything He already knows.

What Jesus really wants us all to do is invite Him in.  It is when we invite Him into our homes, and our hearts, and those secret places that we bury all the “stuff.”  Yeah, that stuff that Jesus already knows about. He just wants to be invited in, and he will STAY.

Cammi Thurlby
loveSTRONG Ministries