Often times, the assumption is made that ministry is in essence, merely a line of work. We truly fail to understand this term not defined within a title, but as Christians, a way of life. In the Gospel of Matthew 28:18-20 Jesus’ earthly ministry has come to an end, and He delivers to the disciples His last words which are known as “The Great Commission.” Jesus came and told his disciples, “I have been given complete authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”  

Please understand something here. Jesus does NOT say you are required to be of a certain age or height, there is NO final exam to pass, and here’s the kicker…you are NOT even expected to have all of the answers either. Christ instructed the disciples with one simple action…GO!

Up until this point, the mission of the twelve had been restricted by Jesus mainly to the Jews. However, their message following this was to become worldwide. If you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Savior through baptism, discipleship is not something you acquire by learning an equation, but by living life through a covenant commitment with God’s people. The very significance of a covenant revolves within a relationship. Jesus explains the Parable of the Lost Coin in previous scripture reference yet closes with “In the same way, there is joy in the presence of God’s angels when even one sinner repents.” (Luke 15:10)

Friends, the angels of God rejoice when ONE person comes to know Christ. Imagine all of the un-tapped joy to be found in churches and in communities if more people actually shared the love and concern for the lost, NOT just the righteous!

I caution you to avoid only exposing yourself with others whom are already saved, and I challenge you to higher levels of obedience.

Who is it that He has placed upon your heart? Is there a co-worker at the office, a member of the PTA, a neighbor down the street, or someone within your own family? I urge you to shut down the whispers from the enemy that tell you you’re not good enough, or intelligent enough, or equipped enough to disciple anyone.

I am saying to you today that Jesus IS enough. Stop making excuses for all of the reasons why you “can’t” and in His love, just GO!

Stefanie Calens


A Note from the Father

My dearest child, There is not a second that passes where I do not gaze endlessly in awe upon you. I watch, I wait, and I yearn to be a part of everything you do.

I know the exact number of hairs that lay within your head. I have sent my only Son to die for you. And I have promised that through Him, you shall never remain with the dead.

Why do you doubt? Why do question? Can you not see……that ONLY through Him is where you will truly find me!

The riches that I offer are worth more than all of the world’s gold. My Scriptures remind you of the prophecies written and told; those already fulfilled, and those still yet, to fully unfold.

My love for you is too vast to comprehend, but never forget I am with you always, and through me, there will be no end.

Your life is priceless, your debt has been paid. You have been formed by a process through which only my eyes have laid. All that I ask is through all that you do, you do it to accomplish one thing...to glorify me as my angels will sing.

I am bigger than anything this world can send your way. I look forward to the hour your face is before mine. Make no mistake, your soul will be forever changed on that glorious day.

I created you for a purpose, no two are the same. Not a single person can take credit for this, mine is the only One True name.

I will fight for you, you only need to remain still. My plans for you are to prosper. Remember, it is in my complete will.

I am your shepherd, you are my sheep. I do not promise a life free from trials, but rest assured, with you I do weep.

Through my prophets, and by your King, I have given to you a very special gift…a royal ring. Wear it with confidence and praise, as when my Son returns, I have guaranteed the end of the days.

Nothing can separate this love that I bear, do not keep this for your own, I desire you to please, make it a point to share.

I am your Father now and for always. My dearest child how I love you so. Remember, I am with you, wherever you may go!

Stefanie Calens


The Wisdom of a Woman

Currently, I am attending Bible College. The class I recently finished took an in depth look at every single book written within the New Testament. I had the opportunity to study the spread of first century Christianity, the men considered closest to Christ, and most importantly the man, the ministry, and the Messiah himself. Week after week, we peeled away the layers of Scripture and the deeper significance behind the words. The Bible came alive and as I studied the synoptics (Gospels) in greater detail, a particular set of Scriptures stood out. When Jesus hung upon the cross, the Gospel of Mark tells us in Mark 15:40-41 “Some women were there, watching from a distance, including Mary Magdalene, Mary (the mother of James the younger and of Joseph), and Salome. They had been followers of Jesus and had cared for him while he was in Galilee. Then they and many other women had come with him to Jerusalem.”

Before we go any further, I need for you all to understand one key aspect here. Women and especially children, were not even considered “second class citizens” but were among the lowest levels of society within the early Jewish culture. Women were not even permitted to speak publicly in church meetings (1 Corinthians 14:34-35).

Looking back at the scene of the crucifixion in Mark 15:47 we are told that “Mary Magdalene and Mary the mother of Joseph saw where Jesus’ body was laid.” Chapter 16 verses 1-2 opens with the following “The next evening, when the Sabbath ended, Mary Magdalene and Salome and Mary the mother of James went out and purchased burial spices to put on Jesus’ body. Very early on Sunday morning, just at sunrise, they came to the tomb.” These women could do very little leading up to the crucifixion. They could not speak before the Jewish high council in Jesus’ defense, nor could they appeal to Pilate or the Roman guards who beat and mocked him. Yet, even when the disciples had fled for their own lives, these women remained at the feet of Jesus. They followed his body and prepared spices to take to the burial tomb. The preparation of such spices resembled a sign of love, respect, and devotion. Take note here, it is absolutely NO coincidence that these very women were the FIRST to encounter the angel at the opened tomb, and witnessed the miraculous wonders of the resurrected Christ. God blessed their diligence and devotion, as these women used the opportunities they did have, instead of dwelling on those they did not.

Do not for one second believe the lies of the enemy that you are “just a woman” for as I briefly touched on above, women featured prominently in the accounts of Jesus’ crucifixion, resurrection and at the Pentecost. Again, this is truly NO mistake. A woman’s testimony during this time period was considered to be worthless, yet God used these very ladies to inform the disciples of what had just occurred. Could you imagine the level of pure joy that must have ensued when they looked upon the presence of Christ early that Sunday morning? Their faithfulness was profound, and God surely rewarded them for it.

My prayer for each of you today is that you are able to better recognize the significance and importance you have not only as a woman, but a woman of God. We are so blessed to reside in a country where we can share our faith. Take FULL advantage of that! I pray that He grants you the ultimate wisdom to act upon the opportunities you do have to remain steadfast and devoted to being a witness for Him. The women accounted for here could have lost their very lives for exhibiting their faithfulness. What do you have to lose?

Stefanie Calens